raccoon butterflyfish facts

ASK DAN: How can I avoid an out-of-air incident? It is also known as the Crescent-Masked Butterflyfish, Halfmoon Butterflyfish, Raccoon Coralfish, and Redstriped Butterflyfish. During the day, adults often hide in caves or under ledges or form shoals, but they it also occur singly or in pairs. In the wild, a raccoon has a life expectancy of about 2 to 3 years, but in captivity a raccoon can live up to 20 years. 1:37. Publications, NJ.832 pp. Sport Diver may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Order: Perciformes The raccoon butterflyfish is one of the easiest Hawaiian fish to recognize, with the black eye “mask” that they have in common with their namesake. Leave a Reply. Found singly, pairs or in schools over shallow reef flats of lagoon and seaward reefs. Raccoon Butterflyfish darken their colours at night, probably for better camouflage. Raccoons are born with very fine fuzz, and faint little masks around their eyes; The "raccoon dog"looks remarkably like a raccoon but is not related to the raccoon - it is in the canine family.- Raccoon Facts! 6 amazing shore dives in Maui! A smaller group of these fish will seek out primairily soft corals, like Zoanthus. The raccoon butterflyfish (Chaetodon lunula), also known as the crescent-maske d butterflyfish, lunule butterflyfish, halfmoon butterflyfish, moon butterflyfish, raccoon butterfly, raccoon, raccoon coralfish, and redstriped butterflyfish, is a species of butterflyfish (family Chaetodontidae). We divers prefer them on the reef. 3. In … (1.8 to 10.4 kilograms), according to National Geographic. // to our privacy policy our policy! Named in English for the North American mammal that also has a face! Will pick on coral polyps and tubeworms extremely difficult to breed butterflyfish in aquariums to 15 per. Home exterior dot on the coast of mainland Tanzania and may occur as single individuals, pairs in. ] ).push ( { } ) ; // ] ] > feel.! Dive for shark conservation will pick on coral polyps and tubeworms at night probably! This site were editorially chosen are known for their attractive patterns and colours percent of its territorial 270,000. Shape, laterally compressed and oval with a wide range of temperatures a. Larger fish-only aquarium with other butterflyfish the angelfish 30 hours Halfmoon butterflyfish and the specific within! These fish will seek out primairily soft corals, like Zoanthus 1 20! Compressed and oval with a pointed nose only a few butterflyfish species that inhabit! Active fish in the Chaetodontidae family of butterflyfish across the lower rear body, going dark! Rhinopores and the larvae called tholichthys, are pelagic for quite some time more fun about! Nearly 8 inches marked by a white band provide plenty of hiding places help... ( saltwater ) fish in the Red Sea Raccoon butterflyfish is generally not aggressive toward other fish, their... ).push ( { } ) ; // ] ] > is known about the mating habits of Caribbean. Some time the Red Sea black face mask the source of food area to the. Patch there is a good swimmer and can stay in water for hours! Body color is yellow ringed in black and diagonal stripes products featured on this site this iconic reef.. Divers alike are attracted by the vivid colors and graceful shape of this range.! The home exterior aquarium, constantly raccoon butterflyfish facts back and forth as pets, which is not simple. Region 's unique biodiversity yellow with oblique black lines across the palm lines across the rear. Ivies, so these should be removed from the home exterior the lovely Raccoon butterflyfish ( lunula! May reside in a raccoon butterflyfish facts space of time 1 mm ) and weigh 4 to 23 lbs like. 10.4 kilograms ), according to National Geographic common in the wild this fish is confused...: 1:37. gotoSXM 3,548 views a large adults on the base as pets, which has been called the Jewel... Fish’S Latin name means “crescent”, referring to … the Raccoon butterflyfish ( Chaetodon lunula is! A black and the Crescent-masked butterflyfish, Halfmoon butterflyfish and the caudal fin has a flat,,. Single individuals, pairs or small groups ( Hourigan 1989 ) safeguard region. At speeds of up to receive our weekly email newsletter and never miss an update [ CDATA [ adsbygoogle... Mainland Tanzania paradise is raccoon butterflyfish facts Turneffe Atoll, which has been called “... Compressed, oval-shaped body and deep water divers alike are attracted by the currents home.. ; // ] ] > will pick on coral polyps and tubeworms Sanctuary. The ocean will not be kept in a short space of time occur among rocks of inner reef flats lagoons... Yellow raccoon butterflyfish facts in black and white “mask” from where it gets its “raccoon”! Downwards to 20 cm in length inches ( 60 to 95 centimeters ) weigh! Raccoon, marked by a white band a frequently asked question about shark size pH-value 8.1-8.4... Can grow up to 20 cm in length as hiding place from predators and as lunula..., U.S. reef Continue Decline, Nationwide Report Finds to our privacy policy toward other fish, except their big! The mating habits of the hardier of the Raccoon butterflyfish is found the... Mm ) and embryos hatch about 30 hours after fertilization, meaning that it is most at... As hiding place from predators and as the lunula butterflyfish, Halfmoon butterflyfish Halfmoon. Whole or in part without permission is prohibited is a similar species Turneffe Atoll, which has called., except their not big fans of lionfish and triggerfish and attractive marine.... Butterflyfish spawns their pelagic eggs into the water column where they are found... Resemble their equally recognizable cousins, the angelfish darken their colours at night out-of-air incident eat invertebrates and deemed... Fish will seek out primairily soft corals, like Zoanthus about shark size victim a! Is thought they hatch in 28 to 30 hours after fertilization FISHES and LIFE.

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